Trading/Redemption Value or Collectible Value for your Certificates

Have you inherited some old stock certificates, or maybe found some in a basement or attic? If you are checking to see if you certificate has trading or redemption value, do the following:

1. First check to see if it is still publicly traded. Click on the Stock Symbol buttons to check for your stock. Symbols change on a daily basis, due to name changes, takeovers, bankruptcies, companies going out of business, etc., so this list is by no means complete, but at least it is a starting point. Certain web sites, such as Yahoo, add an extension to symbols for over-the-counter bulletin board stocks (.OB) and pink sheet stocks (.PS).

2. Scroll down and check out the list below for stocks that we have done research on in the past to see if there is any redemption value.

3. If you are interested in pursuing further whether there is any trading or redemption value for the certificates, we charge a fee of $100 per company to research. If you are interested in knowing what the collectible value is, there is no charge to provide you with a collectible value. In either case, we would need to know all of the following information for each certificate:

  • Complete Company Name
  • Date
  • State of incorporation
  • What sort of picture appears on the certificate if any
  • Color of the border
  • If there is any sort of cancellation mark on the certificate, such as holes or ink stamps
  • Condition of the certificate (any rips or tears, any tape repairs, any stains)
  • How many certificates for each company
    (Sending an image or photocopy of the certificate always helps)

    As soon as we have this information, we can give you a collectible value within a couple days by email. For trading or redemption value, we would need payment in advance, and the research would take generally six to eight weeks. A written report would be provided.

    Worthless Stocks

    Worthless stocks and stocks with some redemption or trading value. X means no trading or redemption value. Wanted means that these are ones that we are interested in purchasing as collectibles. Please note that this list only applies to common stocks and not to bonds. Also, please check the name carefully (railroad versus railway) and the state of incorporation.

    Investment Research Institute, 5100 B-1 Clayton Rd., #405, Concord CA 94521 USA.
    phone: 585-CERTS18 or 585-237-8718
    antiquestocks at yahoo dot com

    Company Name State Status Date Wanted
    Acacia Gold Mining Co. CO x 1964  
    Aero Corp. of California CA Value    
    Aircraft Acceptance Corp. OH x 1977  
    Aircraft Development Corp. MI x 1948 Wanted
    Allegheny and Western Railroad 4% bond due 1998 Wanted
    Alaska Gold-Belt Co. AK . 1916 Wanted
    Alaska Refrigerator Co. AK x 1934 Wanted
    Alaska Telephone & Telegraph Co. NY Value    
    Alaska Telephone Corp. AK x 1955 Wanted
    Allegheny and Western Railroad bond 4% due 1998 . . 1898 Wanted
    American Founders Corp. MD Value    
    American DeForest Wireless Telegraph ME X 1904 Wanted
    American La France Fire Engine Co. NY Value   Wanted
    Apache Aerial Transportation Co. AZ X 1919 Wanted
    Arrow Aircraft DE x 1940 Wanted
    Atlantic Fire Annihilator Co. NY 1876 Wanted
    Automotive Fan & Bearing Co. DE x 1935  
    Bache & Co. Inc. DE Value    
    Baltimore Baseball Club Inc. MO Value?   Wanted
    Beech Aircraft Corp. DE Value    
    Belknap Hardware & Manufacturing KY Value    
    Belknap Inc. KY Value    
    Belmont Iron Works PA Value    
    Brewer Alcohol Fuels Corp. DE x 1989  
    Brewers Best Associates Inc. DE x 1949  
    Broadway Joe's Inc. FL x 1971 Wanted
    Buckeye Oil Co. WY x 1927  
    Bullfrog Golden Sceptre Mining Co. AZ Terr. . 1908 Wanted
    Budd Wheel Co. PA Value    
    Bullfrog Keystone Gold Mining Co. SD x 1926  
    Buffalo Elevators Inc. NY x 1950  
    Atcheson Topeka & Santa Fe Railway KS Value    
    Bullfrog Keystone Gold Mining Co. SD x 1926 Wanted
    California Petroleum Corp. CA x 1938  
    California Standard Gold Mines Corp. CA x 1940  
    California Osborne Mining Co. CA x 1938  
    Carolina, Clinchfield, Ohio Railroad bond 4.5% due 1990 . . . Wanted
    Carolina Space Stations Inc. NC x 1986 Wanted
    Casino Sports Ventures Inc. UT x 1986  
    Casino Technlogy Corp. DE x 1985  
    Checker Cab Manufacturing Corp. NJ Value    
    Checker Motors Corp. NJ Value    
    Chicago & Eastern Illinois Railway Co. IL x 1941  
    Chicago, Aurora & Elgin Railroad Co. IL x 1947  
    Chicago, North Shore & Milwaukee Railroad Co. IL x 1946  
    Chicago Railways Co. IL x 1946  
    Chicago Rapid Transit Co. IL x 1946  
    Chico Gold Silver Mining Co. CA X 1867 Wanted
    Chico Gold Silver Mining Co. CA X 1867 Wanted
    China Agency and Trading Company CA X 1919 Wanted
    Cleveland & Sandusky Brewing Co. OH x 1949  
    Collins Radio Co. IA Value    
    Columbia Broadcasting System NY Value    
    Consolidated Petreleum and Concrete . ? 1960's Wanted
    Consolidated Summit Mines Ltd. . ? 1960's Wanted
    Continental Motors Corp. VA Value    
    Cuba Railroad Co. NJ x 1962  
    Cuban Telephone Co. DE x 1969  
    Dallas Oil Co. Inc. DE x 1984  
    DeForest Radio Co. DE x 1934 Wanted
    De Vaux-Hall Motors Corp. CA x 1933  
    Detroit Aircraft Corp. MI x 1948 Wanted
    Donkersley Elevated Rail-Road Co. NY x 1879 Wanted
    Dorson Sports Inc. NY Value    
    Durant Motors Inc. DE x 1934  
    Durant Motor Co. of New Jersey NJ x 1934 Wanted
    Durant Motor Co. of California CA x 1934 Wanted
    Edison Phonograph Toy Manufacturing ME x Wanted
    Evans Products Co. DE x 1986  
    Fageol Motors CA x 1932 Wanted
    Fotomat Corp. DE Value    
    Fox Film Corp. NY Value    
    Fox Head Brewing Co. WI x 1967  
    Getty Oil Co. DE Value    
    Green Giant Co. MN Value   Wanted
    Great Cariboo Gold Co. SD . 1907 Wanted
    Haloid Co. . ? 1906-57 Wanted
    Hawaii Corp. HI x 1980  
    Hawaii Land Corp. DE x 1981 Wanted
    Hawaiian Lanes Inc. HI x 1967 Wanted
    Hawaiian Wines Inc. WV x 1977 Wanted
    Houdini Picture Corp. NY x 1936 Wanted
    Hub Airlines Inc. IN x 1973 Wanted
    Huck Finn Inc. MN x 1975  
    International Overseas Services, Ltd. (I.O.S. Ltd.) Canada Value    
    International Overseas Services Management, Ltd. Ontario Value    
    International Aerial Navigation Company Missouri     Wanted
    Jet America Airlines Inc. CA Value    
    Jewel Tea Co. Inc. NY Value    
    Kentucky Central Railroad 4% due 1989. KY . 1889  
    LBT Corp. LA x 1989  
    Lion Country Safari Inc. DE Value   Wanted
    Lewis and Clark Centennial OR .   Wanted
    Marcor Resorts Inc. NV Value    
    Mariners Bethel Mission Ship Co. MA x 1859 Wanted
    Missouri Kansas Texas Railroad bond 4% due 1990 . . . Wanted
    Missouri Pacific Railroad Co. MO Value    
    Modern Sports Enterprises Inc. NY x 1960  
    Nashville Chattanooga St. Louis Railroad bond 3% due 1986 . . . Wanted
    National Rockland Bank of Boston MA     Wanted
    Nemrod Mining Co. Ltd. . ? 1960's Wanted
    New York Petroleum Prize NY     Wanted
    New York, Rio, & Buenos Aires Line Inc. DE     Wanted
    Noramco Inc. DE x 1959  
    Noramco Inc. WI x 1967  
    North Cripple Creek Mining &Milling Co. CO x 1917  
    North European Oil Corp. . ? 1930's Wanted
    Oakland Rubber Co. CA x 1960 Wanted
    Ocean Airways Inc. NJ x 1987 Wanted
    Olson Aircraft Corp. NC x 1967 Wanted
    Pacific American Fisheries, Inc. DE Value   Wanted
    Palisade Aircraft Corp. NJ x 1974 Wanted
    Palmer, Arnold Golf Co. OH Value   Wanted
    Pioneer Gasoline Minn.     Wanted
    Pittsburgh Screw & Bolt Corp. PA Value    
    Saint Nicholas Bank       Wanted
    San Francisco and Napa Valley Railroad CA x? 1959 Wanted
    San Francisco & Oakland Helicopter Airlines CA x 1973 Wanted
    San Francisco Bay Toll Bridge Co. DE x 1941 Wanted
    Selma Marion Memphis Railroad 8% bond AL x 1869 Wanted
    Speedway Park Association IL x 1915 Wanted
    Sperry Corp. DE Value    
    St. Louis and Southwestern Railroad bond 4% due 1989 . . . Wanted
    St. Nicholas Bank       Wanted
    Television Corp. of America CO x 1983 Wanted
    Texas Oil Producing & Refining TX x 1950 Wanted
    Texas Union Oil Corp. DE x 1959 Wanted
    Texas United Oil & Refining Co. DE x 1925 Wanted
    Thorsen & Cassady Company IL     Wanted
    Timrod Mining Co. Ltd. . ? 1960's Wanted
    Transglobal Financial Services, Ltd. Canada Value    
    Tucker Corp. DE x 1951 Wanted
    Twin Tube & Rubber Co. DE x 1922  
    Uncle Sam Oil Co. AZ x 1926  
    United States Automotive Corp. DE x 1925  
    Winchester Corp. DE Value?    
    Winchester Repeating Arms Co. DE Value?    
    Yellow Cab Airways Inc.. DE x   Wanted
    Yonkers Raceway Inc. NY Value    
    Toronto Grey and Bruce 4% bond   Wanted
    St. Lawrence and Ottawa Railroad Wanted
    Tennessee Central Railroad   Wanted
    Louisville and Nashville Railroad   Wanted
    Mexico Bono del Tesoro 6% 10 a´┐Żos of 1913   Wanted
    Monon Railroad   Wanted
    Gulf Mobile Ohio Railroad bond   Wanted
    ZZZZ Best Corp. NV x 1993  

    If you have any of the above certificates that you would like to sell, contact us at:

    antiquestocks at yahoo dot com

    phone: 585-CERTS18 or 585-237-8718

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