Autographs on Stock Certificates

This section features many stock certificates with the signatures of famous individuals, along with other types of autographed items. Certificates with autographs have become one of the fastest growing areas of stock certificate collecting. Scroll down to see some of our fine offerings.

If you are interested in doing research on some of the famous individuals who have signed stock certificates, there are some great reference sources with historical biographical information that should be available in most medium-size and large libraries: National Cyclopedia of American Biography, Dictionary of American Biography, Who was Who, Celebrity Register, Current Biography, Who's Who, Biographical Dictionary of Film, International Dictionary of Twentieth Century Biography, Concise Dictionary of American Biography, Most major encyclopedias.

Houdini Picture Corp. SIGNED BY HOUDINI - Sold
Houdini Picture Corp. SIGNED BY HOUDINI - Sold

Mississippi&Missouri Railroad signed by John Dix
Mississippi&Missouri Railroad signed by John Dix

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Sale price: $89.00

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